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Written by Terry Kennedy, Senior Search Consultant.
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Have you crafted the strongest possible resume? We work with professional Medical Management nurses (that is Case Management, Utilization Management, and Quality Management) on a daily basis and often candidates underestimate the critical importance of a well-constructed resume. In 2010 we published a paper entitled “How Your Resume Can Drive Success” that addresses the key components for drafting a powerful resume. In this document, we aim to shed some light on tips to improve your resume, secure an interview, and land your next great job. Below we expand on the last item addressed, “Ask for Feedback.” Download the full white paper to read more about these 7 key steps to resume success.

You have already invested serious time and energy into your resume. Compiling the raw information, condensing it down to concise bullet points, updating it with new work history, re-tooling it for a specific career direction. You have read the latest advice on resume writing, and you have incorporated the best practices into your document. You have learned from experienced career consultants that specialize in your niche or Medical Management nursing, such as the blogs from the team here at CareNational! But before you start firing off that resume to your (hopeful) future boss, there is one last step: ask for feedback.

Remember to keep an open mind during this important step. It can be difficult to hear constructive criticism, especially if you put a lot to time and effort in to what you feel is a great version of your resume. A close friend or trusted co-worker can be a good choice for the first review, especially for finding and fixing those embarrassing typos or grammar errors.

It is also a good idea to utilize your professional references, such as former managers. It is a great time to verify their contact info and let them know you are still using them as a reference. You can also ask that past boss if your resume accurately reflects your specific strengths and accomplishments from that time. They may even recall a particular project or event that you didn’t think to include.

I was recently speaking with a Transplant Case Management nurse who took my advice on asking a colleague, a fellow Complex Care Manager, to critique his resume. He was surprised when his peer reminded him of a project he had spearheaded to revamp a time-intensive process. The result of his efforts was a much more streamlined procedure and he was later recognized by the Director of Healthcare Services as the Employee of the Quarter for his work. I worked with him to make sure that example of excellence was included in his list of accomplishments.

Go outside of your specialty for advice and ask a friend who works in an entirely different field to put a fresh set of eyes on your resume. Unlike a peer in your field, they will bring a new perspective and may prompt you to add further details or omit unnecessary rhetoric. After all, they will be able to tell you if your resume makes sense to a lay person, not just a specialist; remember an HR representative is often your first reader.

Be brave! Send your resume to several LinkedIn contacts for their viewpoints. They may have new ideas to help leverage your skills and years of experience to help market your talents. It is also a clear opportunity to network and leverage those established connections to help with your career search.

Always remember that you get one opportunity to make a first impression, so proofreading for content, format, spelling, and proper grammar are of paramount importance, and asking someone else to take a look can bring a new frame of reference. Consider all the advice you hear and then utilize the best of it to make some critical changes to your resume. This should result in an improved resume, which will help you secure the interview, and land that dream job!


As always, you can contact one of our representatives at 800-974-4828 to assist you in re-tooling your resume for that next great opportunity in Healthcare Services. CareNational provides superior career consulting support, and there is never a fee charged to candidates for any of our services.

For other great tips, visit a recent brief blog of ours for 5 Tips to improve your Medical Management Resume, or download the full whitepaper below.

Written by Terry Kennedy, Senior Search Consultant. For more great tips on career search strategies and to discuss our current opportunities, reach out to one of CareNational’s best Medical Management Recruiters! Contact her at 1.800.974.4828 x105, or email her at