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Should Companies have Exploratory Calls vs. Passing on Candidates

When companies partner with CareNational to find talent, we try to identify the top 3-5% of talent in the local area, or we strictly focus on qualifications of the role itself if a company is open to relocation candidates. 

 We set up an intake call with clients for each search so the CareNational Account Manager can gain more in-depth knowledge about the role and the specifics on what the hiring manager is looking for. If it’s a new client, we also try to get the sizzle points and what makes that particular company unique along with company benefits and other relevant information. If it’s a pre-existing client, we always try to get their current benefit info and see if there is anything new or expected for the company itself or for the department.

After carefully going through the details of this information with either our HR contact, or preferably the hiring manager, the CareNational team is ready to go to work.

One of the services that we provide is to vet candidates on the front end regarding their education, experience, accomplishments and a few other items to make sure it is a good match. CareNational always conducts their due diligence on candidates prior to submitting any potential to our clients.

Since we are a specialty niche recruiting firm, we take pride in vetting the right candidates for our clients and feel very confident that our candidates “fit the bill” based on the requirements given to the team. 

So, the question we want to ask is:

“Is it worth the time to have a quick 15-30-minute exploratory call with a candidate?” We mean a brief conversation that checks the critical boxes on the Job Description, and lets you see if that candidate might be a valuable addition to your team. It is an also an opportunity to address any potential concerns about match as ascertained from our detailed candidate cover sheet or their resume. Compare this to our normal experience, which seems to most commonly be HR sending an email to their recruiting partner indicating that the hiring manager has “passed” on the candidate. 

Afterall, the services we provide start with that intake call, and we only present individuals that are a 90% or better match for what you communicated are your needs. I can’t tell you how many times this scenario has happened : HR communicates to us that they want to pass on a candidate, however the CareNational Account Manager strongly urges that the hiring manager carve out a few minutes to speak with a prospective candidate. Then when the hiring manager has that conversation, more often than not our candidate is either hired, or is a finalist for that hard-to-fill position.

Most of the jobs CareNational works on are positions that our clients have had trouble filling. If CareNational has had a strong intake call and all the necessary information to present quality talent, isn’t it worth a phone call to ensure that you are not passing on the next great employee to join your organization?

Keep in mind the experience that the CareNational team brings to the recruiting table and let us be a true partner for your search and we will help you find your next great hire!

CareNational provides executive search, direct hire staffing and recruitment for medical management, administrative healthcare support staffing and RNs for traditional hospital settings.

As always, I am available to chat in more detail and consult with you on a particular search that is critical to your organization or presenting a high degree of difficulty for you. CareNational specializes in medical management recruitment, healthcare support staffing and hospital nursing capacities with divisions in both Executive Search and staff level for direct hire, contract to hire or project-based staffing. You can reach me at 480-347-0257 or email me at aaron@carenational.com. Thanks for watching and/or reading.