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At CareNational we strictly work with health care professionals in Medical Management (sometimes referred to as Healthcare Services) meaning Case Management, Utilization Management, and Quality Management. Since we work with the highest quality hospitals, health plans, and other managed care organizations to support their Medical Management needs, we in turn only provide the highest quality candidates for their review. Our job as a search firm is to connect the perfect candidate with the perfect position.

We see a lot of resumes every day: on job boards, attached to emails, on LinkedIn, and from website applications. On a daily basis we encounter highly qualified candidates who simply underestimate the critical importance of a well-constructed resume. No matter what Medical Management position you are targeting for your next career move, a well-crafted resume can make all the difference for getting you in front of the right people. So ask yourself: Have you crafted the strongest possible resume?

In 2010 CareNational published a paper entitled “How Your Resume Can Drive Success” that addressed the key components for drafting a powerful resume. In 2014 we delved into each of the 7 tips from that white paper with a series of blog articles written by the CareNational recruiting team. In this document, we have compiled all of that great advice and helpful recommendations on how to improve your resume, secure an interview, and land your next great job!


Writing a resume may seem like a lot of work, but it is the first step to get that dream job, so take it seriously. Use your resume to demonstrate your attention to detail and commitment to excellence in your profession. Every job-seeker must know their resume’s purpose and audience, understand that less can be more, use a compelling objective and power words, consider a cover letter, and always, ALWAYS ask for feedback. You might be amazed by the resumes that list “Attention to Detail” as one of their top skills, but the resume is formatted with widely varying font styles and sizes, contain obvious typos, or use Medical Management or health care terms incorrectly. Sadly, we have even seen candidates misspell their own name on their resume! If you keep these 7 simple, yet important, tips in mind when crafting, updating, or reviewing your resume, you will greatly increase your chances of securing an interview and ultimately getting hired.

CareNational HealthCare Services specializes in career consulting and recruitment within the Medical Management segment of healthcare, with focus in four primary areas: Case Management, Utilization Management, Quality Management, and Reimbursement Management.

CareNational is based in the Phoenix, AZ area, but we operate from Coast to Coast, with openings from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA to Miami, FL. We work with organizations on both the payer and provider side, but always staying in the specialized niche of our four focus areas. Our clients include prestigious national Health Plans, emerging healthcare delivery models, and some of the oldest, most respected Hospitals in the country. We also work with specialized care providers, workers’ compensation companies, HMOs, Medical Groups, IPAs, and TPAs. Our candidates are primarily licensed clinical nurses, but they do range the whole depth and breadth of Health Care professionals working in our niche focus areas.


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