Our Process

How does CareNational find the candidates that it places?

CareNational does true-to-form sourcing and headhunting to find the qualified candidates it places with our clients. In 2011, CareNational formed a specific sourcing and research department that coordinates efforts to locate passive job seekers through a variety of mediums including social media and targeted sourcing projects.

What is CareNational’s criteria for presenting candidates for consideration?

CareNational espouses a “Golden Rule of Recruiting” that is that we will never send a candidate to a client who does not meet the following criteria:

  • They must meet 85% or higher of the skills a client specifies.
  • They must be willing to work within the salary range the client specifies.
  • They must be motivated to make a career change by something other than money.

By adopting a “back to basics” process, CareNational is able to attract the best candidates to fill your medical management staffing needs. We understand that relationships with real people will never be replaced by the latest app, job board, or social media fad.

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