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National Nurses Week 2019 – CareNational Nurses Share What Inspired them to be a Nurse

CareNational is grateful for the hard work and compassion demonstrated by healthcare workers everywhere every day. Florence Nightingale’s contribution to education, hospital reform and her medical care and treatment is the reason that we celebrate National Nurses Week. Her significant achievements continue to help inspire those who work in the medical field.  Speaking of, during […]

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How does HEDIS Affect Health Plan Reimbursement? (VIDEO)

As the H.E.D.I.S. (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) season continues, CareNational is dedicating a series of blogs to help health plans. This segment comes from out talks with La’ Chanda Plummer, a highly qualified and experienced HEDIS Program Manager and Quality Improvement leader that we placed at a medium sized health plan in the Pacific […]

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