Looking for HEDIS training?

CareNational now offers HEDIS training online!

The instructor for this program is Kim Williams, CPHQ. With Kim’s extensive knowledge of HEDIS® you will be able to answer and achieve these learning objectives:

You’ll be able to answer “What is HEDIS®?”

HEDIS® Measures- Intensive Measure-based Training.

What is hybrid data collection?

What is Abstraction and how is it performed?

The 2021 HEDIS® Certify Course is now live!


What is the cost?

Abstraction Training

Our first course, and by far the most popular, is our Abstraction Training Course.

This course goes over

-Hybrid Measure training

-Compliance Training

-HEDIS Abstraction Training

It was built to refresh and enhance the skills of HEDIS professionals.


Chart Chaser Training

Our other course, Chart Chaser Training, is built more as a beginner course. It covers just the basics of HEDIS, HEDIS measures, and goes over Chart Identification Training for specific measures.


Course Bundle

We also offer a Course Bundle which includes both of our courses for an additional 10% off the regular price.


Email help@hediscertify.com for info on group discounts and custom training

Is this HEDIS certification accredited?

CareNational is in no way affiliated with an educational body that is accredited. Our instructor, Kim Williams, is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) as awarded by the National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ). At the conclusion of the training and passing of the certification test, you will be issued a certificate displaying your learned knowledge of HEDIS ® concepts and practical use as a HEDIS Abstractor. CareNational supports initiatives by the American Staffing Association to help bridge the skill gap in today’s workforce. This program is an example of our commitment and it is our mission to help use the certification program to open opportunities for Nurses and other healthcare professionals to get a chance to gain HEDIS experience in the upcoming 2021 season.

~About the Instructor~

Kim Williams, CPHQ

Kim has 30 years of healthcare experience including Practice Administration HEDIS, Pay for Performance, Project Management (including building strong HEDIS teams and managing all aspects of HEDIS® Projects), and private consulting.