Need Clinical or Non-Clinical HEDIS professionals?

One call to CareNational can bring an expert HEDIS Program Manager, or a handful of HEDIS professionals to augment your staff, or even an entire HEDIS team!

We are specialists in Quality Improvement staffing and recruitment and have the national logistical capabilities to staff for your annual HEDIS project no matter what your staffing requirements are. We have qualified and experienced HEDIS professionals (both clinical and non-clinical) for roles as Program Managers, Project Managers, Chart Review / Chart Abstraction, and Validation / Over-Reading.  We can also supply supporting staff to assist with administrative tasks such as gathering and scanning medical documentation, scheduling office visits, and requesting missing information.

What makes CareNational different?  We have experienced Certified Search Consultants on our team that understand the challenges of the Quality Improvement process and the importance of this annual initiative. It is our business to stay ahead of the trends. We source candidates with HEDIS experience all year round so we have the quantity and quality of staff you need for your most demanding staffing requirements.

For more information or to place an order for staff, call:

1.800.974.4828 ext. 102

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