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Headhunting Tips and Tricks

Check out this video & article we created to help with more traditional headhunting for passive candidates in healthcare.

By Aaron Lebovitz, CEO of CareNational

The jobless rate is the lowest since 1969. This past year has brought some of the toughest recruiting conditions creating real talent gaps, even with the most reputable healthcare organizations. We’ve seen the competition against multiple offers, counter offers and what has been described as “ghosting” where candidates fail to show up to scheduled interviews or even planned start dates.

So, we wanted to share with you some fairly basic but effective practices that you can use to be successful in recruiting top talent to your organization.

What you want to start with is creating a compelling story about your organization. When we consult with our health plan and hospital system clients, we dig into the details of formulating what we refer to as client sizzle. Of course, we gather the basics of what lines of business are served, how many members are managed, or on the medical center side, how many beds there are, if they are magnate facility, etc. But what are some of the unique cultural benefits of working in your organization. Of course we’d want to tout that your Medicare plan has a 5 star rating but don’t discount the small things like if you have food trucks come to the parking lot every Friday, free healthy beverages in the break room, or you give employees their birthdays off with pay. Beyond that, are the sizzle points about your department or the particular role. Are you growing? Will this position lead to near future opportunities for advancement for high performers? Do you have an above average bonus program or relocation package as examples?

Okay, so now that you have an effective recruiting story, how do you find your next top performer. We realize that our clients may not have the resources that we do, with hundreds of thousands of candidates that might be a potential match.

I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about advertising. We often find that recruiting companies rely way too heavily on fishing for candidates, meaning, they throw out lines through Monster, Careerbuilder, or Indeed hoping that the ideal candidates will apply. If this is what your current vendors are trapped in, you really aren’t working with a specialized recruiting firm, you are basically getting glorified customer service representation.

So, let’s talk about hunting. We start by identifying the competitors of our clients. Within our database, we can quickly drill down on like organizations by State, City or Zip Code. I am sure you would be able to think off the top of your head, the local organizations that might be ideal to recruit from, or maybe there are particular companies that you already know that candidates that come from these environments are typically successful in your company.

But here are a couple resources that you can publicly access. Let’s start on the hospital side. There is a website for hospital data by state where each state has all the hospitals listed with other important information like the number of beds or revenue. The link is www.ahd.com/state_statistics.html This is a great place to quickly locate hospitals you may want to recruit from. The health plan side is a bit trickier. There are paid for resources that we use such as the managed care online leadership directory, which contain all health plans by state with contacts and their respective contact information. One of the best free resources is to use NCQA data by state to look at Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial plans and their associated ratings. The link is www.healthinsuranceratings.ncqa.org. Click on the plan year 2019-2020 and you can begin to filter by Medicaid, Medicare or Commercial for any given state.

Now that you have some of the hospitals or health plans that you’d want to recruit top talent from, you need to identify who is in the particular capacity at the company and recruit them with your effective recruiting story we formulated earlier. This is also where we thought we’d pull back the curtain a bit to enlighten you on the time consuming and difficult process of identifying professionals, their capacities and their contact information. It might be your impression that when your company has a critical vacancy and you call it out to an agency, or a specialized recruiting company like CareNational, we quickly create a hot list of applicable candidates, we call 10 people, get an interested candidate, send them over and bill accordingly if they are hired. Trust me, we wish our jobs were that easy. We employ staff members that are doing research, cold calling into organizations to identify the correct contacts. To get beyond gatekeepers, member services lines, or simply being put on hold for extended periods of time, requires patience and proficiency. Because you might have the added component of it being inappropriate to cold call into a competing organization, let’s talk about other free resources you might be able to use to get in touch with the right people.

You likely have a LinkedIn profile, but do you know how to search LinkedIn with ease? Of course, your network matters. I myself for example have over 17,000 first connections on LinkedIn, most of whom are in healthcare or in medical management capacities in particular. So, this creates a very wide net when factoring in my connections 2nd and 3rd degree connections. But you might be pleasantly surprised by what search results you get back within your network. Let’s look at an example search. At the very top when you are logged into LinkedIn, you’d click the search bar, select “People” and then click “All Filters”. Here you can input the name of the hospital or health plan you identified from earlier research. In addition, you can use Boolean search terms. Boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. So, let’s use Boolean search under the company and job title within the filters. You may want to play with these search terms to yield varying results and additional contacts. Now you can pay LinkedIn and get what they refer to as “inmails” where you can bypass the fact that you are not connected with someone and still deliver a message, of course with your finely crafted recruiting story. But there are some other free tools that perhaps can deliver a home phone or cell phone number to you. Let’s now go to true people search. Visit www.truepeoplesearch.com. Of course, the more unique of a name, the better chances you can locate someone’s contact information. I’ll use my own name as an example. Here, you can see that this delivers 3 phone numbers, which happen to be my cell phone number, my wife’s cell phone number and even the land line of my childhood home back in the Chicago-land area where I grew up.

Hopefully you found some value from my headhunting tips and tricks. As always, I am available to chat in more detail and consult with you on a particular search that is critical to your organization or presenting a high degree of difficulty for you. CareNational specializes in medical management recruitment, healthcare support staffing and hospital nursing capacities with divisions in both Executive Search and staff level for direct hire, contract to hire or project-based staffing. You can reach me at 480-347-0257 or email me at aaron@carenational.com. Thanks for watching and/or reading.