Have Happy a 4th of July – with these Safety Tips

Even though the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year, there is no reason not to celebrate, but safely! I’m not sure if it will be just a relaxing Tuesday for you, like the snap of a Black Cat popping; or maybe it is the end to a long Holiday weekend, like the final display of a grand fireworks show. Regardless, we will keep this brief so you can get back to friends and family, BBQ and beverages.

Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping an eye on all things relevant to Managed Care, Medical Management, and Healthcare Services while you’re doing the holiday party thing, soaking in the sun, and catching up with loved ones.

So from all of us at CareNational: we wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

  • Keep Grills Away from the House (House Fires Spike Every July)
  • Cook Meats to Safe Temps: Beef/Pork at 145°F & Chicken at 165°F
  • Rule of 4s to Keep Food Safe: Between 40°F – 140°F for 4 Hours MAX
  • Keep Fireworks Away from Children
  • Have Fire Extinguishers or Water Hoses Handy
  • Keep Pets Inside with Other Noises (TV/Radio)
  • Sparklers are the Leading Cause of Fireworks Injuries 
    -some burn at 1,200°F!
  • Burns and Eye Injuries are the Most Common
  • Have First Aid Kit On Hand – Call 911 if Serious
  • Beat the Heat by Staying Cool & Hydrated

We hope you find a few of these safety tips handy.

See you on Wednesday!