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Comprehensive eBook – Working with Medical Management Recruiters

Over time we have developed best practices on how Medical Management professionals in Case Management, Utilization Management, and Quality Management can work most effectively with their Recruiter to achieve not only a successful job placement, but also an efficient and rewarding experience for all. In a recently published paper entitled “Working with Medical Management Recruiters” we outlined the top 5 best practices most critical to a healthy Candidate-Recruiter relationship.

We later decided to expand on each of these individual topics with a series of blog articles addressing the specifics of each best practice topic for working with specialized recruiters in Medical Management

Today, for the first time ever, we are offering a complete eBook for download. This comprehensive eBook gathers all of this compiled wisdom, advice, and real world experiences of leaders in the world of hospital and health plan Medical Management.

As always, you can contact one of our representatives at 800-974-4828 to get strategic advice on your career search and goals for a professional in Medical Management. CareNational provides superior career consulting support, and there is never a fee charged to candidates for any of our services.