How to Help an Elderly Person with Depression: Tips for Family

Written by Guest Author, Holly Clark, Community Manager at

Remind yourself that it is possible to overcome depression in the later years. Elderly people can get help to manage their fears, thus living a more stabilized life. In addition to the mind being affected by depression, it also manifests itself physically and spiritually. Although families and doctors can take steps to reduce or eliminate the depression, it will also come back on the individual, who needs to determine that he or she will overcome it.

It is important that the elderly person’s needs are met. Often, depression can be managed with self-help activities.… Read More

Nightingale Nurses

CareNational Celebrates National Nurses Week

The team here at CareNational is grateful for all the hard work and compassion demonstrated by all healthcare workers everywhere, every day. And while we work with both clinical and non-clinical professionals in health care services roles, since it is National Nurses Week we especially wanted to express our gratitude to all the wonderful nurses (LPNs/LVNs, RNs, and NPs) who work in our specialized niche of Medical Management, or Managed Care. In many ways our work here is its own reward, as we get to partner with nursing professionals looking to grow their careers in the fields of Case ManagementUtilization ManagementQuality Management, and Reimbursement Management.Did you ever wonder why National Nurses Week is not just a standing celebration on the second week of May?

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Is This Job Right For You?

Written by Erik Berg, Search Consultant, Baltimore
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One of the best things about being a third party recruiter is that we can have honest conversations with candidates about their prospective employers (our clients). Almost all healthcare service providers and managed care organizations have Case Management and Utilization Management roles, but they offer different cultures, goals, and opportunities. No employer has a perfect situation for every employee, much less every qualified candidate. There are tradeoffs we all make, certain compromises that are more advantageous than alternatives. If you don’t know anyone who works at your potential new employer, it can be difficult to find out what those tradeoffs really are.… Read More

Journey up the HEDIS Mountain

Written by Prashant Patel, Associate Regional Director.
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With the H.E.D.I.S. (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) work in the mix, CareNational has been on a quest to find qualified nurses and clerical support staff to fill assignments for our clients related to this critically important Quality Improvement survey. Since we are experts in providing top-tier talent, but not in actually doing Quality Improvement or HEDIS functions, we are tapping into the extensive knowledge of our candidates using an ‘Ask the Expert’ format.

We recently spoke with a highly-qualified leader in healthcare thought about her outlook on HEDIS. … Read More

How does HEDIS Affect Health Plan Reimbursement? (VIDEO)

As the H.E.D.I.S. (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) season continues, CareNational is dedicating a series of blogs to help health plans. This segment comes from out talks with La’ Chanda Plummer, a highly qualified and experienced HEDIS Program Manager and Quality Improvement leader that we placed at a medium sized health plan in the Pacific Northwest in 2014/2015. It was her job to see that this growing plan achieved NCQA accreditation and improved HEDIS Scores. Under her direction, that health plan improved their Medicare Stars Ratings by 1.5 Stars in just 1 season!… Read More

HEDIS Audit at a Doctor’s Office (VIDEO)

Written by Aaron Lebovitz, President
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With H.E.D.I.S. ® (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) production work right around the corner, CareNational has been on a quest to find qualified nurses and clerical support staff to fill assignments for our clients related to this critically important Quality Improvement survey. We make it our mission to find quality individuals with the appropriate backgrounds to best suit our clients’ needs. When considering a large-scale project like HEDIS, it is important to recognize the efforts of all of the positions involved that allow the audit to run smoothly.… Read More

Opioids and HEDIS®: Measures to Make a Difference (Video)

Written by Mike Vega, Search Consultant, West Coast
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CareNational is committed to providing the best service possible to our candidates and our clients. This includes continuing education through interactive conversations with contacts from both the client and candidate perspective. As the 2018 H.E.D.I.S.® (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) season approaches, CareNational is dedicating a series of blogs to help health plans and HEDIS nurses, coders, and MAs.

In this article we will discuss how HEDIS is playing a role in addressing current social health issues in America. Opioid abuse is a serious public health issue.… Read More

Veterans’ Day Career Advice from CareNational

Written by Former SSG Amanda Sowards, U.S. Army, 2006-2015
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Whether your transitioning out of the Army, Navy, Marines Corps, or Air Force there is one big constant… you won’t be getting that steady pay check.  Here at CareNational we thought the Veteran’s Day Holiday was a good time to reach out to Veterans.  No matter if you are preparing for transition, in the process, or already on the outside, we want to see how we can help.  We have a few Army Veterans on our team, but we will try and keep it very general.… Read More

Happy Halloween! – What’s Scarier than Not being Ready for HEDIS 2018?

Written by Aaron Lebovitz, President.
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Since this weekend is Halloween, I thought we should ask: What’s scarier than not being ready for HEDIS season? How about providing high quality service and not being able to prove it through your data reporting? The ghostly ghouls and goblins of HEDIS deadlines creep closer daily, so we wanted to start with the first step in the process, Data Validation.… Read More

Happy proposed Utilization Management Week! (Video)

National Case Management week was October 8th-14th.
National Quality Management week was October 15th-21st.
Why is there is no National Utilization Management week?

Part of that answer is addressed here in the video and article, as well as in our other two blogs discussing CM & QM.  While we realize that many organizations host their UM functions under CM and/or QM, don’t these specialized professionals deserve some unique recognition?Read More