Average Medical Management Salaries in Los Angeles area

This week we felt nurses in Case Management and Utilization Management might be interested to know what average current salaries are like in Southern California. This information should be helpful for key leaders, such as VPs of Health Care Services or Directors of Medical Management, to know if they are paying competitive wages and also inform nurses if they are being paid competitively to do Case Management and Utilization Review in a managed care setting.

A good percentage of our clients and present openings are in Southern California so if the spring and summer haven’t hit your states yet, you may want to consider relocation to Los Angeles, affectionately known as the City of Angels.

As part of our process in partnering with Medical Management nurses, we survey them to gather general and specific information that can help us secure the best opportunity for them. To compile this data, we reviewed the most recent 100 completed surveys in the greater Los Angeles area (geographically this encompasses North as far as Santa Clarita, South as far as Laguna Beach and East as far as Riverside/San Bernardino).

On average we found the most common salaries were:

  • Director of Medical Management – $144,300
  • Manager of Case Management / Utilization Management – $106,888
  • RN in Case Management / Utilization Management – $83,750
  • LVN in Case Management / Utilization Management – $66,830

*Important notes on the data collected:

  • All candidates self-reported thier current salary
  • Only includes candidates who most recently worked at Managed Care Organizations
  • 5 candidates were in the “Director of Medical Management” capacity
  • 11 Candidates were in the “Manager of Case Management / Utilization Management” capacity
  • 53 Candidates were in the “RN Case Management / Utilization Management” capacity
  • 31 Candidates were in the “LVN Case Management / Utilization Management” capacity
  • Outliers (highest number and lowest number) for each category were discarded

In addition, these are the actual placed salaries, by specific location, that our firm secured in the Los Angeles Area in 2013:

Redlands RN Case Manager – $79,040

Ontario RN Case Manager – $83,200

Ontario RN Quality Management Specialist – $87,000

Monterey Park RN Case Manager – $75,000

Los Angeles Quality Improvement RN – $85,000

Cerritos RN Case Manager – $82,000

Anaheim LVN Case Manager – $83,200

Redlands LVN Utilization Review – $69,995

Redlands LVN Case Manager – $76,960

Orange LVN Case Manager – $70,720

Did you find this information useful? How does it compare with what you have seen for Medical Management salaries in the LA area? We look forward to your feedback, questions, and thoughts.

Of course, if you are interested in finding out more about our medical management opportunities, you can call one of our professional recruiters directly at 800-974-4828 or by contacting us on the CareNational website.

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