Ace that Phone Interview to secure your next Medical Management job

Written by Christine Jones, Senior Search Consultant.
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In my time as an Account Manager and Recruiter here at CareNational, I have seen some Medical Management nurses breathe a sigh of relief when an interview request is “only a phone interview.” However, this is not to be taken lightly! Facial expressions and body language communicate a lot of information, and so some key items can be lost in translation when you are unable to communicate face to face. Therefore, we have some advice to share with our nurse candidates to make sure they have a successful phone interview and move on to the next step of the process.

The phone interview is more of a screening phone call to make sure you can WOW the hiring manager and be invited to come into the office to meet the team. Online video interviews, such as Skype, are also growing in popularity as it gives a more complete sense of expressions and body language. This is especially helpful for hospitals and health plans interviewing candidates willing to relocate for the opportunity, as it is much more cost effective than flying a candidate out for a first round interview. I am partnered with a Tucson, AZ based hospital system to strategically support and consult on their hiring needs, and I recently assisted several Social Worker Case Managers with phone and Skype meetings. They were able to impress the hiring manager, in this case the Director of Case Management and Social Services, and it led to an in-person interview and ultimately resulted in job offers and an exciting new career opportunity for them.

Whether for a voice-only phone call, or an online video interview, you want to present yourself the same as you would in person. Dress for the part and make sure they can hear a professional and excited candidate on the other end of the line. Remember, for phone interviews they will need to hear your smile since they cannot see you! It is also very important that you do your homework on the company that is calling you. As with any interview, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. With that in mind, always have key talking points about the company that you have researched on your own and several well thought-out questions that will stimulate conversation.

Always have a copy of your resume and notes about yourself as well, and don’t be afraid to let them know why you are the right Case Manager or Utilization Review nurse for the position. These notes are critical to have ready, as sometimes our memory will not serve us when we are in a high anxiety situation, such as an interview. Have you ever hung up or walked out of an interview and thought, “I wish I would have said…”? Don’t feel too bad, we all have had that moment, and that is exactly why preparation is key.

Also remember as you move through the process to keep small talk small and avoid controversial subjects like politics, world events, and religion. While subjects like that should rarely come up during an interview, it is still best to keep all conversations focused on how you are the best Quality Improvement nurse candidate to head up that HEDIS audit project (or whatever the job at hand is)… not confusing matters with pop-culture scandals or personal preferences. Additionally, keep in mind that an initial phone interview is not the time to ask about pay or question any of the other job parameters, such as office location, shift schedule, attire, etc. As I stated before, never forget that the entire purpose of a phone interview is to get asked back for a personal, face-to-face interview.

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Written by Christine Jones, Senior Search Consultant. For more great tips on interviewing and to discuss our current opportunities, reach out to one of CareNational’s best Medical Management Recruiters! Contact her at 1.800.974.4828 x112, or email her at